About Us

Zaib Tensile Concepts is formed with the aim to provide the best quality products and services to clients with new ideas and creativity in the field of Tensile Structures, Fabric Shades, Car Parking Shades, Marquees and Tents. Our core concept is to deliver state of the art solutions to our customer at competitive price. We firmly follow a policy of adapting and integrating new technologies and flavors, enabling us to attain ever improving products.



Our vision is to increase the value of our company & our global portfolio of diversified brands by exceeding customer’s expectations and achieving market leadership.



To build an international network of good services and resources of development communities with the purpose of retaining, attracting and expanding business and stimulating the economy.



We value high trust relationship in working Domestic & Internationally in a collaborative environment with the spirit of being honest, reliable, respectful, innovative and competent.